WRAPACKAGE is a to-go restaurant, based in Downtown San Jose, California, targeting mainly students and school faculty. WRAPACKAGE recently started delivery service within the Downtown area, for customers' convenience. Therefore, our client needed an application for his restaurant, so customers can order food through the app and get their food delivered at their doors.
Area of Isolation
Food & drink
Custom food wraps

Wrap - tortilla, naan, pita, rice paper, nori
Base - rice, salad, noodle
Protein - beef, pork, chicken, shrimp, tuna, salmon, tofu, spam
Topping - onion, green onion, bean, peanut, avocado, carrot, lettuce, corn, garlic
Sauce - salsa, hummus, curry, ponzu, mayo, Red Chili Paste
Soup - miso, wonton, soft tofu
USA, San Jose, CA (Urban)
Delivery Radius : Downtown San Jose
Main target audience
Deliver lunch and dinner for college students/staffs and company employees in the area.  
Elevator pitch
Wrapackage wraps your appetite and delivers to you as a package.
Target Audience
1. People who look for simple and convenient food
2. Independent students

1. Gender - Male and Female
2. Education - College Undergraduate and higher
3. Occupations - College students/staffs, Company employees
4. Age - 18 to 35
5. Location -Downtown San Jose

1. Personality & Attitudes: Lazy, spontaneous, independent, stingy
2. Values: Open-mindedness, spirit of adventure, efficiency
3. Lifestyles: Studious, hard-working, money saving, simple living
User Personas
Emily Grayson (21) – Student
21 years old SJSU student
Wants to save money
“I do not want to spend too much money on food”
John Dol (30) – Counselor
30 years old SJSU staff
No access to kitchen
“I am tired of school food”
User Needs
Find out if the restaurant delivers to their area
Order food online
Find menu
Find business hour
Find contact info
Client Needs
To sell food online that will be delivered
Provide a system for order customization
Let users’ to find their needs quickly
Let users’ know what the restaurant offer
Gain more costumers
Splash Screen
Sign Up & Sign In Screens
Home Screen
Order Screens
Delivery Range Screens
Cart & Order Summery Screens
More & Ask Us Screens