Restaurant Silla

Web Design, Menu Design l 2019
Project Overview
Restaurant Silla is a newly opened modern Korean restaurant in the Bay Area, and it’s name Silla originates from an ancient Korean dynasty, which was also known as the country of gold. Restaurant Silla started business by using their existing logo of a crown, and the food menu, and a website were created incorporating the logo as well.

My Contributions
To fulfill Restaurant Silla's motto, 'Traditional Korean Fare with an Aesthetic Modern Touch,' I limited myself to use only three colors, black, white and gold, to keep the design simple, elegant, and coherent.

Menu was designed using modern Josefin Sans font seasoned by traditional art from Silla Dynasty in the background. For consistency in design, I used similar style that was used in the menu for the website.
Existing Logo
Restaurant Concept
Traditional and fusion Korean food
USA, Santa Clara, CA (Suburban)
Target audience
Tech company workers in the town
$$ - Moderate

Elevator pitch
Traditional Korean Fare with an Aesthetic Modern Touch
soft opening menu design
menu design
desktop website
mobile website